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The company "Th. Keramidas – Ch. Chatziioannidis ABEE" known by the distinctive title Psykti Boreiu Hellados was founded in 1982 and from the year of its foundation until today it is active in the import, export and trade of refrigeration and air conditioning machines, cold rooms, spare parts, consumables and spare parts for car cooling.

In our privately owned facilities, with an area of 3400 square meters, located at 15 G. Papanikolaou Street in Pefka, Thessaloniki, our highly trained and qualified staff offers comprehensive solutions and technical support for every cooling problem, domestic, industrial and on-board.

We are one of the largest and fastest growing refrigeration and air conditioning companies, representing and distributing products from the industry's largest factories worldwide


Top brand manufacturers lend credibility to your work with quality products


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Social responsibility



PSE, recognizing the responsibility it bears as a company in the field of environmental protection and social care, undertakes actions that serve these purposes.